Agnes Portalewska
GNotes Records
Somerville, MA

FEBRUARY 1, 2007


After almost two years in the making, on February 1st, 2007, GNotes records issued We are Wanted/ I am wanted, a much anticipated debut by Gigi Brissot.

From the first song, “It’s a long road”, Gigi Brissot positions himself as a sharply tuned reggae artist and a messenger. The bass lines and innovative guitar licks throughout the album demonstrate the artistic maturity and time devoted to this project. The sounds of these seventeen strictly original tracks will please the ears of any reggae listener.

“Music has always been a big part of my life. When I was about eight years old, I picked up my father's guitar and have not let it down since” says Brissot. As a child, like many, he was influenced by the legendary Bob Marley whose music opened his eyes to black peoples’ struggle. As a musician, he now feels obligated to carry on the message, to bring light to the problems of brethren and sistren across the globe, empowering people through conscious music to fight oppression and discrimination.

Over the years Brissot has played guitar and bass with artists of various ethnic backgrounds, opening up for legends such as Bunny Wailer and Burning Spear. He has shared the stage with local and international artists such as Danny Tucker, Paul Wayne, Dion Knibble, Jah Shirt, Dia, and Lady Saw.

Brissot’s music spreads consciousness. Slave mentality still has a fundamental effect on the inner fabric of black society. Although institutional slavery no longer exists, the aftermath still lingers. Brissot’s intention, through music, is to help people recover what has been lost.

Each song on We are wanted/I am wanted is well crafted, informed by profound sadness and suffering, to send a cohesive message of hope. Brissot’s combined lyrics and melody elevate the listener to a different state, a state of awareness and clarity. It is one of the most comprehensive reggae albums written in a long time.

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